A panel doctor is one that’s listed on the insurance company’s list of approved doctors. This could be a medical practitioner, specialist, hospital or medical institution. Each IP provider has their own panel of preferred doctors that their policyholders can seek treatment from. 

Here’s what the panel of doctors for each IP provider looks like: 

Panel of specialists  
AIAMore than 380 AIA Quality Healthcare Partners (AQHP) specialists where each of them has at least five years of specialist experience and a clean professional track record
AvivaMore than 300 medical specialists across various disciplines
AXAMore than 300 medical specialists across various disciplines
Great EasternMore than 4,000 specialists of over 25 different medical specialties, including relevant specialists in restructured hospitals and more than 300 private specialists
NTUC IncomeMore than 400 specialists across various specialties and subspecialties
Prudential More than 700 specialists with more than 50 medical specialities represented. Most of the PRUPanel Connect Partners are specialists that have been practising in their respective specialities for at least five years. 
Raffles Health InsuranceMore than 150 specialists across more than 30 disciplines

The idea to have panel doctors stemmed from the measures recommended by the Health Insurance Task Force in 2016, with the aim to help avoid overcharging, over-servicing and over-consumption of healthcare services.

Although there are MOH fee benchmarks in place, it is not sufficient to guide prices. For example, the upper end of fee benchmarks is 1.8 times higher than the lower end.

The doctors on IP panels sign enforceable contracts and must therefore charge within the agreed fee range, ensuring that claims can be kept within a reasonable range, while providing policyholders with assurance that their claims will be covered and capped.